Tip for a stress-free wedding date

Tip for a stress-free wedding date

The wedding date is the most important day in our lives!

It is a new begging for you and your partner. First time, all the family and friends will be together and have fun.

You should stay calm and enjoy every single moment, without stress. I know you cannot control it, but if you prepare everything in advance the stress will be transform to impatience and anxiety.

Follow my advices for the Unique day of your life

1. Keep your schedule clear

It is tempting to book your total care (bikini wax, make up, hair, manicure pedicure, massage, etc), in the wedding morning, but don’t try to do too much.

Stay at the most necessary (make up and hairdresser). Pampering your self the previous days(manicure, pedicure, massage, etc), which may could be arranged it with your bridesmaids.

2. Meet your planner with your Maid of honor

They could solve anything will come up.

Planner knows the venues and vendors and maid of honor knows your family and your friends. They could cooperate for connecting everyone.

3. Switch your mobile phone on flight mode

Inform your guests that on your wedding date the maid of honor and the planner will lead the date, "all your request to them please".

Of course, if any of your guests will arrive at the island the wedding date, someone else will welcome him/her from the airport/port.

4. Complete all your lists and make sure for the timeline

You and your planner should be filled all the lists (timeline, table plan, guest list, music list, transfer list, etc).

You should inform your planner for all the progress of your wedding day (traditions, speeches, vows, etc) so she could count on the timeline and the maid of honor should be informed too.

5. Make sure that someone knows how to bustle your dress

Have a friend or relative coming with you when you fit the dress and leave her to do a practice on that before the wedding.

If it is not possible, do some trainning with her before your wedding date.

6. Drink a little bit

Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine or champagne with your bridesmaid while you are preparing yourself.

A little alcohol always help to avoid the anxiety and the stress, but not too much and be drunk.

7. Assign a photo and a keepsake wrangler

A close friend or relative who knows everyone helps to organize the family shooting.

Then, ask someone to collect your wish book, a menu or a gifts card, whatever you could take and you want to keep.


Flora Bekri

Wedding Planner

Born and raised in Santorini island, there is nothing more inspiring and fulfilling than helping people to materialize their dream events, on the most romantic island in the world.