Weddings in Santorini Greece

Weddings in Santorini Greece

A Picturesque Paradise & the Perfect Place to Marry Your Partner

Nothing looks or feels as good as a white wedding in Santorini. The island’s soft, sandy beaches beside brilliantly blue water, coupled with its strikingly white buildings are the perfect scenery to complement any bride’s wedding dress.

And when you and your betrothed finally tie the knot, your moment of matrimony will be remembered forever as you say I do with the gorgeous Grecian sun setting beyond the caldera behind you. A Santorini wedding is what every bride’s dreams are made of. The island’s scenery is like something out of a storybook.

You have the option to enjoy an intimate beach wedding with a handful of your nearest and dearests, or to say your vows atop one of the most incredible Santorini wedding venues that overlooks the ocean and capture the caldera.

The average cost of a Santorini wedding varies based on the number of guests you’ll be inviting to your ceremony. For couples who would prefer a Santorini elopement instead, you can expect a more private experience that’s less impactful on your pocket, but equally as magical and memorable.

For a more unique Santorini wedding, you can book your ceremony on one of the island’s beautiful black beaches. The dark hue of the sand contrasting your snow white wedding dress makes for a stunning sight to behold – and even better pictures to take.

At Unique & Forever, we pride ourselves on being your professional Santorini wedding planners. We’ve organized and orchestrated 100+ custom Santorini weddings for the most incredible clients who are filled to the brim with love.

As your expert Santorini wedding planners, we can customize our Santorini wedding packages to suit your every dream and desire. Thanks to our years of experience and incredible attention to detail, you can expect a curated experience at one of the most romantic, idyllic, and unique island wedding destinations in the world.

With the sheer number of world-class Santorini weddings we’ve helped orchestrate and organize, we know exactly how to make your special day a truly Unique & Forever event. We pride ourselves on being able to identify which of our island’s unique offers will be best suited to your wedding dreams and desires. All you need to do is express your every fantasy and wedding aspirations, and we’ll curate an inimitable luxury wedding experience that ticks boxes you didn’t even know existed.

Our team of wedding planner connoisseurs are devoted to designing and creating a tailored-to-you fairy tale luxury wedding. Our mission is to help make your wedding a memorable and magical celebration that exceeds you and your partner’s every expectation. Our laudable and long-standing relationships with some of the best Santorini wedding venues enables us to secure you a sunset Santorini wedding with breathtaking views you and your guests won’t soon forget.

We’ll ensure that you and your guests are treated like royalty, giving you a celeb-esque ceremony one would read about in the tabloids. As one of your most important life events, our mission is to make your wedding as memorable and as magical as can be.

From daybreak to golden hour, we’ll make sure every aspect of your special day is taken care of with care and incredible attention to detail. At Unique & Forever, we stay on top of all your wedding proceedings, so you can enjoy every moment without worry.

If you’re looking for a small and intimate romantic ceremony, our Boho beach weddings are the perfect way to tie the knot – without punching a hole in your pocket. We know of the island’s most spectacular secret hideaway beaches that promise to make your wedding in Santorini a picturesque private affair.

And if you wish for your wedding to include your extended family and friends, we can secure you a sunset wedding with mesmerizing views at one of the best Santorini wedding venues imaginable. We also provide world-class international cuisine options to impress your guests and keep them delectably satisfied.

For couples considering a Santorini elopement, we can organize a simple yet romantic Santorini wedding that expresses all the love that exists between you and your partner. Eloping in Santorini allows you to soak up and share your unique wedding experience between just the two of you.

Of course, if you’d like to invite 1-2 of your nearest and dearests, you won’t be expected to pay the full price of a traditional ceremony. Keeping your Santorini wedding small can make for a much more personalized and intimate location wedding experience.

No matter your dream wedding is by design, we at Unique & Forever promise to play our part in making your wedding in Santorini all you could ever hope to imagine and more. We’ll be ready when you are…



Santorini offers a picturesque paradise with its stunning beaches, crystal blue waters, and iconic white buildings. The breathtaking scenery, including the beautiful sunsets over the caldera, creates a dreamy backdrop for any wedding.


The cost of a Santorini wedding can vary depending on the number of guests and the specific arrangements. For elopements or small ceremonies, the cost can be more affordable compared to larger weddings. It's best to consult with a professional wedding planner to get an accurate estimate based on your preferences.


Absolutely! Santorini offers beautiful various beaches that provide a unique and stunning setting for a wedding. The contrast between the dark sand and a white wedding dress creates a visually captivating experience.


Professional Santorini wedding planners, like Unique & Forever, offer comprehensive services to make your dream wedding a reality. We can customize wedding packages, assist with venue selection, handle logistics, provide vendor recommendations, and ensure meticulous attention to detail throughout the planning process.


Yes, Santorini is an ideal location for small and intimate weddings. Santorini provides an array of choices to craft a unique and intimate wedding experience, whether you opt for a secluded beach ceremony or a breathtaking sunset wedding at a stunning venue.


Yes, Santorini wedding planners can arrange world-class international cuisine options to impress your guests. They have established relationships with top-quality catering services and can ensure that your wedding menu is both delicious and tailored to your preferences.


Yes, Santorini elopements are popular and offer a romantic and private wedding experience. If you prefer to share your special day with just your partner, Santorini wedding planners can arrange a simple yet unforgettable elopement ceremony.


Hiring a Santorini wedding planner allows you to benefit from their expertise and local knowledge. Let them lead you step by step in the planning process, suggest the finest venues, manage all the details, and guarantee a memorable wedding day free of stress and full of enchanting moments.


Yes, Santorini offers stunning sunset views, and wedding planners can help you secure a venue with mesmerizing sunset backdrops. Saying your vows as the sun sets over the caldera will create a truly romantic and unforgettable experience.


To begin planning your wedding in Santorini, reach out to a professional wedding planner like Unique & Forever. We will assist you in designing a customized wedding package and guide you through the process, making sure your wedding day surpasses your expectations.