Flower Arrangements

Flowers take our breath away, any type of flower arrangements on any type of wedding style we are taking extremely seriously. Our network of local Santorini flower shops are always a a full-service floral event design studio.

It is extremely important to us to offer our clients a collaborative relationship with a matching aesthetic of creating a memorable event for the bride, her relatives all guests and ourselves. Flowers are an essential part of the designing process one planning a wedding, it includes knowledge passion, experience and aesthetic.

Innovate styling and decoration that can last in heat and extreme wind in some cases do involve knowledge and experience. Below is a list with types of flowers and trends we have worked with on numerous events:

Trailing flowers that go from the ceiling down to the floor have been extremely popular and leave a sense of a hanging garden. Topping this choice with roses is a heavenly outcome.

Large garlands of blooms trailing along the table onto the floor with gardenia flowers is an amazing choice as a centerpiece of a long wedding tables. Gardenia symbolizes happiness and purity and is available all year around.

Mixing light and flowers is our favorite idea of styling. Lots of little vases, long white candles and carafsas vases filled with sweet pea flowers are perfect for a beach wedding reception. Greenery walls filled with ferns, lavender and stephaniotis and hydrangea flowers give a stunning out of the world outcome and define luxury styling and flower décor.

Last but not least Lily of the valley, this small and sweet scented flower, tulips and Calla (means beautiful) lily in pink, yellow and purple are perfect for hair and veil decorations but also bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hairpieces and personal flowers, ceremony structures (like candles, door wreaths, arches) and reception centerpieces.