Unique and forever has the most fun and unique ideas on transportation for you and your guests. We are proud and loud we have the most creative and unique transportation on the island.

Having this always in mind we can provide the following options depending on your venue and budget. Below is a list on types of transport we have worked on with our brides for a fun and memorable entrance of bride and groom.


Timeless and elegant does reminds you a little bit a wedding back home. It is a traditional choice but it is not the best option for an island wedding however, limousine mini vans are. Hop in one of those get the feeling of a celebrity partying.

Antique car

An antique car is the best option for an island wedding especially for a wedding in Santorini. Plenty of options and plenty of ideas on décor to work with this choice.

A Vintage truck

Vintage trucks that farmers use to load grapes! Since you are getting married in Santorini island what more fun and unique is to transport yourself onto a truck.


Unique and forever events are against cruelty of animals but donkeys are the sweetest guests to your wedding! Walk aside on one and have amazing photos of the most photogenic guest.


This is an option for hippy boho couple, true travelers and most probably adventurers.

Rowboat - Traditional Taxi Boat

This is probably the most fun and popular option ever however if you are not a fun of paddling a traditional taxi boat is your best option at an affordable price.


For the ultimate exit, it really doesn't get more over-the-top than a helicopter. This one's perfect for the couple whose motto is "go big or go home".

Party bus

We can décor with party favors sitting on guests seats and have the time of their lives with this idea!


Bride and groom can enter the venue with this fun way to go.