Santorini wedding experience: It’s not only about the wedding  day

Santorini wedding experience: It’s not only about the wedding day

True, wedding in Santorini isn’t just a moment or a day but it’s an unforgettable life experience. Santorini offers you uncountable ideas of trying and doing things that you might have never thought of doing! This is why this Greek island is famous all over the world, for its magical spots where you can make many different memories- besides the wedding day- with your love, friends and family.

Why to choose some pre- wedding activities Pre- wedding activities offer couples the opportunity to bond, relax and create cherished moments amidst one of the world’s most romantic settings. Also, you have the chance to explore and experience Santorini form different perspectives, meet Greek tradition and make some mini vacation in an incredible place. Pre-wedding activities with friends and family in Santorini will not only create lasting memories, but also strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones before your special day. It will be like the party of your life, before the party starts!

Prewedding activities in Santorini

  • Catamaran Tours (for 2- 30 guests)/ private or not): Υou can swim in some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, like White and Red beach, hazel the unique Indian Rock in the South part of Santorini, which is a distinctive rock creation, swim in the healing springs of the volcano, and all these amazing experiences can be combined with a BBQ on the Catamaran for either your lunch or dinner.
  • Traditional Boats (with food catering or not): Traditional boats are ideal, especially for groups bigger that thirty people. You can take them either in the morning or evening and it lasts from three to five hours. With traditional boats you can visit the volcano, sail the caldera and of course swim to the healing springs, while you are admiring the most famous sunset of the world, Santorini’s sunset!
  • Cooking Lessons: Lessons are interactive and you can cook along with your partner or friends and a professional chef, who introduce you to the Greek and Santorini’s traditional way of cooking! Finally, you can enjoy for lunch all the recipes you have cooked.
  • Wine Tours: Wine is also a huge part of Santorini’s legacy and no one should leave without taking a wine tour. A couple that chooses to do a wine tour, will meet with a specialist Sommelier, will spend time in vineyards and the production side of winey, followed by tutored tasting including the famous Vinsanto.
  • Sunset at a Winery: You can combine the perfect view with a sommelier, who will introduce you to the magic world of wine while you are gazing the breathtaking image of the sun going down…
  • Brewenery Experience: In Santorini you can learn all about brewery, if you just decide to have a tour and live this unbelievable moment! You can spend a day in a brewery and enjoy a memorable brewing experience by seeing how brewing is done through a guided tour, witnessing beer production happening and of course, tasting!
  • Horse Riding: In the island you can find excellent family businesses with tradition in the horse sector. You can choose a different location, like the sea, or on the top of the famous Caldera cliff of Santorini.
  • Kayak Tour: There are a lot of different choices for you depending on your level and preference you can do either a day tour introductory sea kayak, or a day tour for experienced paddlers round the Lighthouse, and many more other options to choose.
  • Hiking: Santorini was formed by repeated volcanic eruptions. Around 3.600 years ago, a great eruption caused the Caldera to collapse, giving the island its current shape. Some of the greatest walks you should do are from Fira to Oia, Pyrgos to Ancient Thira, Kamari and Perissa, and from the Red Beach to Mesa Pigadia Beach in Akrotiri.
  • Bus Tours: By choosing a bus tour each couple has the opportunity to discover unique places like the Lighthouse, Profitis Ilias which is Santorini’s highest point, Megalochori, Pyrgos and many other beautiful traditional villages.
  • Parties: A beach party in a bar which can be private, if the couple wants, is an excellent idea! Furthermore, you can rent chaises and stay all night long at the beach. Finally, another great idea is a Caldera cocktail hour, where the couple can enjoy one of our perfect wines either in a small venue or in a café.
  • Pilates Lessons: Pilates will help you to free your mind and expel all the stress you are probably feeling before the wedding. Pilates will definitely leave you captivated, enlightened and elevated to another realm.
  • Spa Experience: A spa will definitely make you feel relaxed and repel this annoying feeling of anxiety. Moreover, it will add a sense of romantism, since there is the possibility to have a private massage for two in their own balcony. Finally, besides romantic it can also become funny, since you can ask and have a spa only for girls!

Our team can organize any other activity you have in mind. We just give you some ideas for prewedding activities!


Flora Bekri

Wedding Planner

Born and raised in Santorini island, there is nothing more inspiring and fulfilling than helping people to materialize their dream events, on the most romantic island in the world.