Celebration & Parties

Greece is among the countries with the most intense nightlife. Wine dine next to international celebrities such as Valentino and Tommy Hillfiger at the most famous Island in the world Santorini.

People say that if you are successful and wish to be seen you must get to Mykonos to party! If you are a true VIP and do not wish to mingle you get to Santorini to party!

Party until the break of dawn at jet-setter’s favourite spot Santorini where there is no need to see everything on the news!

Thanks to our vast experience in the hospitality industry, our luxury experts have the capacity to arrange for you a variety of nightlife activities: be it access to invitation-only VIP events, last-minute reservations at some of the finest clubs, party limo services or all-night body guarding escorts for HNWI’s and highly sensitive individuals.

If you are looking for an authentic traditional bouzoukia experience we have you covered! We handle bridesmaids party, henna parties, bachelors or bachelorettes parties rehearsal dinners, private parties on board a superyacht, reserving exquisite villas iconic venues for your dream post wedding or pre wedding event.

Even if you are just looking for a low key prewedding event we can arrange a set of amazing options for you and your guests. From a joined trip to Anafi (an island next to Santorini island) to a fancy restaurant reservation to Pyrgos.

Sailing trips and all night parties on a day before your wedding day are not recommended, there are extremely recommended as a post day event just before you say goodbye to your guests. Therapeutic massages, yoga-sessions, during sunset and afternoon cocktails overlooking caldera is what we are extra famous for!

All you have to do is have as much fun as possible; the rest is up to us! Be it a birthday, bachelor or prewedding party, or a barefoot day at the beach meditating - we will host it in the most extravagant way for you and your guests.

You just have to provide us with your preferred theme and we will take care of the rest!