Bridal Care

You know that you are reaching the ultimate wedding countdown, once you are start thinking on bridal care, hair, body and make up. Even if you have a good planner at your disposal, dealing with bridal care so far away from your favorite salon back home can be a handful you do not want upon your wedding preparations.

The stress factor can be high but always think that your wedding planner has the best experts on the island for your eyebrows grooming or finding the best shade for your eyes or best hairdo that can handle the wind of Santorini island. There are things that can be done at home and things that can be done in Santorini island.

Below is a short list on things you can do before your meeting with our unique experts. Schedule a visit with your dermatologist back home if you have skin concerns that might be difficult to control especially far away. So brown spots, fine lines, pores, and redness can be attended four months prior to your wedding.

If you wish a golden complexion, please note that finding the right shade to your skin especially when it comes to self tanning must be done to a salon back home. Avoid surprises and book a session back home before moving to a self tanning service in Santorini.

Another appointment that must be done back home is with your favorite hair salon. If you are wearing your hair up or done you have to get it looking as healthy as possible. Perfecting your color, whether it’s a root touch-up or subtle highlights, at this point is smart for two reasons: It gives the dye a chance to settle while still looking fresh, but doesn’t leave enough time for your roots to start growing in.

In Santorini our unique experts have been performing countless sessions with thousands of brides will be fully prepare to fulfill your ideas on make up and hair. The process of exchanging ideas and photos on hair and make up is the best time between a planner and a bride.

Remember to have fun during the whole process and most importantly- do not lose sight after all you are getting married to the love of your life.