Santorini Wedding Venues


We offer all possible venue options for your wedding on Santorini, Greece. Luxury venues, a variety of event spaces ranging-in all shapes, sizes and styles.

With a unique range of caldera sunset, beachfront romance and old winery elegance, Santorini offers all types of wedding venues you could dream of. But choosing where to get married should meet your priorities:

If you dream of a luxury and prestigious wedding venue in Santorini then, you should go for the flagship, award winning venues on the Island.

Looking for a traditional religious ceremony? Plan your wedding in a traditional chapel with a priest.

Nature-minded couples can choose the Blue Beach venue on the seaside. On the other hand, a wedding in a traditional winery is amongst the most popular choices.

Caldera Hotel wedding venue remains a classic spot for couples who look to marry in front of stunning views. Lastly the sailing boat will satisfy the needs of the adventurous couples who look seal their bonds on the waves.