Santorini Wedding Entertainment

Santorini Wedding Entertainment

Wedding entertainment: Don’t forget it’s the party of your life

Most of us imagine a wedding party as a really big party with good friends, who will share their positive energy to express their joy for our happiness. The truth is that you must ensure to create memories that will follow you for the rest of your life, since this is a one life experience that you ‘ll always treasure in your heart and mind!

Entertainment during the wedding can elevate the overall experience, making it fun and memorable for everyone. One of the most important wedding tips is “Make sure that your choices will be the right ones for you and your guests”. Unique & Forever team shares some ideas for keeping your guests entertained during different parts of the wedding day.

Let the music play… live! Happiness must be expressed through music, as music plays an important role in people’s lives, especially when they feel happy. Though there are a lot of different choices that a couple must aware of before they make such an important decision. Live music has the power to create a special, magical atmosphere, either if it’s Latin, pop, jazz or slow, creating a sense of a party where people enjoy and share feelings of happiness. Whether you choose to have a piano, a saxophone, a harper, a guitarist or a singer, the only thing we know for certain is that you will create to this already emotional moment a strong feeling of romanticism and unexpected joy for you and your beloved guests.

Just Dance You are getting married in a magical place, which combines modern with Greek tradition. It is important for couples who decide to have their wedding in Santorini, to have the opportunity to choose their way of entertaining based on their own and their guest’s taste. There are a lot of couples who desire to experience the traditions and customs that Santorini has to offer them, so they decide to choose Greek dancers’ performance. This is a memorable experience and everyone should live it once if you decide to come to this island. Imagine two or four dancers wearing traditional customs of Santorini are dancing in the rhythm of Greek music for a thirty minutes show. Wouldn’t you get up to dance?

Fireworks like fairy dust Fireworks are definitely a spectacular show which can offer an astonishing moment during a wedding. They can be used either on the sky or the ground, during your first dance or any other moment during the wedding. Just let fireworks to be the fairy dust of your wedding day…

Alternative & Unique Shows, the unexpected! Sometimes you have to give something unexpected to your guests, to surprise them and make some more unforgettable moments with them. When someone decides to visit Santorini, knows for sure that memories will be a lifetime experience. This island has the power to offer you from a simple nice and beautiful memory to the most spectacular, amazing and unique sight! Alternative and unique shows that create these memories and people have the opportunity to live them in their most beautiful moments like their wedding, can easily be found in Santorini. These amazing events consists of a large network of artists such as performers, dancers, musicians, actors, acrobats, animation, models, makeup artists, photographers and many others which are always available depending on the requirements of each event. There are a lot of different choices, like unique shows with choreographies, fire shows, special makeup effects and tailormade avant-garde costumes with the appropriate decorations.

Meet me at the Photobooth Photobooth is always a fresh idea and a photo experience, which combines laugh with not such professional photos, but photos full with love and joy that you will always remember from this day. It can be placed anywhere near, where the event is taking place. Moreover, there is a variety of choices, such as classic booth, mirror booth, 360 video booth, the photo bus and many other depending on the needs of each one. Photos have the power to fill us with joy, emotions while making unforgettable memories.


Flora Bekri

Wedding Planner

Born and raised in Santorini island, there is nothing more inspiring and fulfilling than helping people to materialize their dream events, on the most romantic island in the world.