Wedding Reception

Even the most visionary bride is using, inspiration and guidance, as a necessary tool in a destination wedding. A destination wedding in Greece is full of Unique venues, unparalleled ceremonies, jaw-dropping styles, 360 degree views, killer romantic flowers, can and will guarantee, to leave your guests with the best memory of their lives.

You can definitely choose a venue in the heart of Caldera filled with just pure romance and history. An unbelievable photo-worthy wedding can be your own wedding.

Or, you can choose a classic beach wedding, a worthy escape all in one, with a ceremony hearing the sound of waves and a photo opportunity for those who wish to invite fun and laughter at their wedding reception. Open air reception is a must here and an eclectic style awaits on every turn. You can also choose a venue where rustic meets modern reception that is only a vineyard.

Santorini is an island of love and romance so picking a reception style it is decision made with you not for you. By now our team has formed partnerships with all vendors, thus making a decision with you should not be stressful at all.

Choosing a style of your reception is a crucial first step in planning your wedding. Your choice can have a major impact on the look and feel of your celebration. Venues do have a personality so make sure you two are both compatible.

Destination weddings on the other hand, have become less about going to the chapel tradition and more choose your own adventure brake traditions and have fun on an island so far away from home.

The biggest trend this year and what we stand for, is individuality. There is no wedding like your own do not let colors, styles and trends affect your decisions but use these tools only for inspiration. Your wedding style must reflect your taste, soul, depth and lineage. 

Sent us a request today there is nothing that we cannot do.