Photography: The art of light

There’s something amazing about a good portrait photo – the stunning features of a human, the closeness and raw emotion of the subject in the image and an undeniably perfect composition makes you feel like you know the person as your friend.

The portrait photography, in a destination wedding, seems even more honest and candid, compared to staged pictures, This is all done without the help of a studio environment so choosing a photographer to capture your wedding must be done extremely carefully.

Unique and forever have an amazing network of specialists. These wedding photographers are at the top of their game and consistently produce some of the best images this website and the world has seen.

Skillful shooting, expert lighting, thoughtful compositions discretion our network of videographers and photographers we recommend are who we trust for our brides on the most important day of their lives, their wedding day.

Santorini is the perfect backdrop for a stunning out of the world- wedding photo but our team aims for a photo of a bride getting ready with her bridesmaids…

a photo where the bride phones her to-be husband to tell him she loves him, a photo of a last kiss before a father sends his daughter to the altar… this is our unique moment, and we have only the best team to capture this.

Documenting unique weddings on remote destinations require talent, a hands-on professionals and direct involvement in editing also.

The greatest storyteller is a photo. Keeping this in mind our photographers bring a still-life aesthetic to weddings and bring to our brides the best of two worlds digital and video.

From beaches to churches our team embraces each individual location with a fresh set of eyes and constantly try to tell the love story of each couple.