Santorini Wedding Packages

from 3.960€


  • Planning services
  • Municipalities fees
  • Bridal bouquet & boutonniere
  • Ceremony decoration (arch, flowers and fabric)
  • Photographer (2 hours)
  • Hairdresser


  • Make up artist
  • Cake
  • Sparkling wine
  • Recorded music
  • Couple transportation
  • Private dinner
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Nano Wedding
from 7.740€

Nano Wedding

up to 20 guests

  • Planning services
  • Municipalities fees
  • Flower ceremony decoration
  • Flower reception decoration
  • Bridal bouquet and boutonniere
  • Bridal hairstyle & make up
  • Bridesmaid hairstyle & make up
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All-inclusive Wedding
from 27.140€

All-inclusive Wedding

up to 40 guests

  • Planning services (2 days)
  • Municipalities fees
  • Accommodation in villa for 3 days, up to 18 guests
  • Pre wedding party at the villa
  • Photographer (8 hours)
  • Videographer (8hours)
  • Bridal hairstyle
  • Bridal make up
  • Bridesmaids hairstyle and make up
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Make Your Special Day Specific and Unique

Create & Curate Your Dream Wedding Package

At Unique and Forever, we understand that your dreams might not fit into one of our standard Santorini wedding packages or Santorini elopement packages.

To ensure your wedding in Santorini is specific to you, and as special as can be, get in touch to see how we can design your wedding in Santorini according to your personal preferences and personality.

Luxury, Bohemian, Romantic, or Rustic?

These are only a handful of the wedding types and themes we can help you organize. We are eager and excited to help curate your special day, and make the moment you say I do as memorable as can be.

From Exclusive Full-Party Weddings to Simple Romantic Elopements

Although our Santorini wedding packages have options for 20 and 40 guests respectively, we understand that accommodating for quantity might not be all you’re after. Similarly, our Santorini elopement package may not live up to the personal wedding ideas you and your partner share.

Should this be the case, we encourage you to browse our packages again to single out which aspects you love, and which your wedding day could do without. Once you’ve settled on what to keep and what to do away with, we’ll ask you to share any other inclusions you’d like your wedding day to have.

We will take all of your ideas and requests into complete consideration, using these as inspiration to devise the wedding plan of your dreams!

Start a Conversation

Your Dream Wedding Journey Starts Here

We can’t wait to hear all about your wedding or elopement dreams. Get in touch to paint us a picture of how you’ve always imagined your wedding day to transpire.

Your Every Wedding Wish Is Our Command.

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The Santorini elopement package includes planning services, municipal fees, bridal bouquet and boutonniere, ceremony decoration, photographer (2 hours), hairdresser, makeup artist, cake, sparkling wine, recorded music, couple transportation, and a private dinner.


The Nano Wedding package can accommodate up to 20 guests. It includes planning services, municipal fees, flower ceremony decoration, flower reception decoration, bridal bouquet and boutonniere, bridal hairstyle and makeup, and bridesmaid hairstyle and makeup.


The All-inclusive Wedding package caters to up to 40 guests and includes planning services for two days, municipal fees, accommodation in a villa for three days (up to 18 guests), a pre-wedding party at the villa, photographer (8 hours), videographer (8 hours), bridal hairstyle and makeup, and bridesmaids' hairstyle and makeup.


Absolutely! At Unique and Forever, we understand that each couple has unique preferences and visions for their wedding day. We offer customization options to create a wedding package tailored specifically to your needs, whether it's a luxury, bohemian, romantic, or rustic theme.


Our Santorini wedding packages are designed to accommodate different guest sizes, but we understand that your preferences may fall outside of those options. In such cases, we encourage you to review our packages and select the elements you love while considering what you may want to modify or exclude. We will work closely with you to incorporate your ideas and create a personalized wedding plan that suits your dream wedding vision.


We are eager to make your dream wedding a reality! To start the conversation, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear all about your wedding or elopement dreams and discuss how we can bring them to life. Your every wedding wish is our command, and we can't wait to embark on this journey with you.

Contact us now to begin planning your Santorini wedding and create memories that will last a lifetime.