Wedding, a Real Family Moment: Masa & Emile

Wedding ceremony… A celebration of love and family and unforgettable moments, that will be cherished for generations. A wedding as a real family moment, which reflects the importance of shared experiences, traditions, and the deep bonds that tie families together. It is a time when families gather to witness and support the couple's commitment to each other, reinforcing the values of love, support, and togetherness. In every smile, every tear of joy, and every shared laugh, the essence of family is celebrated, making the wedding a truly unforgettable moment for everyone involved. Why telling you all these? Because sometimes family and close friends are enough for your wedding in Santorini!

Keep it simple, make it Greek

Masa and Emile loved Santorini Island and wanted to welcome their families in Greece for their unique wedding moments. That’s why they added some Greek details to their ceremony. White color is dominant in Greek weddings, symbolizing purity, new beginnings and harmony. White linens, flowers, and candles created a serene and sophisticated backdrop, allowing the love and joy of the occasion to shine brightly.

Olive leaves were also there for their guests to represent peace, prosperity and endurance of love. The subtle green of olive leaves adds a natural and organic touch, perfectly complementing the white color scheme. Incorporating olive leaves into a wedding is a nod to ancient Greek traditions and mythology, where the olive tree was considered sacred.

Together, white colors and olive leaves create a wedding aesthetic that is both elegant and deeply rooted in Greek heritage. Like our beautiful bride’s white gloves!

Focus on family & view

And what could be «whiter» and purer than exchanging vows with a unique view of the endless blue, blessed by the positive energy and presence of your beloved ones? Our couple Masa & Emile chose simplicity in the grandeur of Santorini view and the family that taught them love from an early age. And so the story goes…


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