Wedding proposal in Santorini: Let’s make it unforgettable!

Kevin decided to make a thoughtful, romantic and unforgettable wedding proposal to his girl Lucy. So, he contacted us to make his wish come true. Kevin just chose the location, magical Santorini, and he was willing to prepare secretly- with our help- a wonderful evening, that would mark the beginning of their new life.

When and where all started…

A thoughtful wedding proposal starts like this

All started with a photo shooting in Imerovigli and Megalochori, before we transferred to their venue. Lucy knew that after the photoshoot they would go for dinner. However, she couldn’t imagine what awaited her.

As they got out of the car, she began to be moved and surprised by what she saw… A path to the "restaurant" for their dinner, was adorned with various photos of them from their trips and special moments.

Upon reaching the door and opening it, she was thrilled; she couldn't believe what was happening. A magical setup awaited them, with a view of Caldera, lots of candles, flowers and a platform waiting for them. The flowers around them were like a small garden. There, as he expressed his love for her, he got down on one knee (that’s our sweet and kind Kevin) and he proposed to the woman he loves.

Don’t even ask about her answer, of course she said yes with her eyes full of tears and sparkle! Her emotions were indescribable: everything happened so quickly and beautifully, that she felt like she was living in a fairy tale. And we still believe that she was really living her wedding proposal as a modern princess in a fairy tale.

Afterward, they dined, and the wonderful evening came to an end for Kevin and Lucy, listening to their favorite songs. The next day, they also had a photoshoot in Oia, Santorini.

See and feel these moments here!

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