Wedding for two in Santorini, Daniele & Brendan

Wedding for two in Santorini, Daniele & Brendan 

Once upon a time Daniele and Brendan had a dream, to get married in a very special place. They wanted to be just the two of them, at a really private ceremony to celebrate their love and enjoy a little love getaway. And so, the story goes…

Last September the lovely couple got married in a villa in Santorini Island. They gave us the colors and we started the design. Daniele and Brendan trusted us and our team did something unique and romantic.

Private wedding in Santorini, Greece

The allure of Santorini for a private wedding for two is simply irresistible. This enchanting Greek island, known for its breathtaking sunsets and stunning landscapes, creates the perfect backdrop for an intimate celebration of love. With its whitewashed buildings perched on cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea, Santorini exudes romance at every turn. Imagine exchanging vows in a secluded spot with panoramic views, surrounded by the island's unique volcanic beauty.

A burgundy wedding: Charming & Elegant

Burgundy and dark red were their wedding colors! Burgundy is romantic and a bit moody, making it an easy color to incorporate into any wedding theme and style. Whether you’ re planning a classic, elegant wedding or an alternative wedding, burgundy is the perfect addition to any theme.

Burgundy looks chic and rich, it works in any season and it’s also timeless. Begin by considering various shades of burgundy, ranging from deep wine tones to lighter cranberry hues. These shades can be complemented with a range of accent colors, such as soft blush, dusty pink, or even gold for an opulent touch and an interesting contrast.

This wedding was full of deep red roses, which are bold, sexy and romantic as our couple. These colors suited perfectly to the beautiful bride. Burgundy is different, as it brings more energy, elegance and confidence to the ceremony.

Who said that private wedding can’t be luxurious enough?

A private wedding has to be more creative, but it can still be luxurious. The place, the decoration, the details bring this luxury. Daniele and Brendan inspired our team enough, to have an artist for the ceremony, to make a creative photo shooting focusing on various portraits and to end this wonderful day with a romantic dinner for two in a private place with stunning view and of course, chic burgundy decoration.

The joys of a private wedding ceremony

In a world where grandeur and spectacle often overshadow the essence of love and commitment, choosing to have a private wedding ceremony can be an enchanting alternative. By forgoing the guests, couples are able to create an intimate setting that truly reflects their unique bond. Free from distractions, they can focus solely on each other, exchanging vows in a sacred space that feels deeply personal.

A private wedding ceremony provides an opportunity for couples to savor every moment together and embark on their journey as spouses with undivided attention and profound intimacy. Breaking free from societal expectations, they question the necessity of a large guest list and opt for more intimate celebrations. By forgoing guests, couples can focus on what truly matters: their commitment to each other.

Without the pressure of entertaining others, couples can design their wedding day exactly as they envision it. Choosing to get married without guests can significantly simplify the process and alleviate unnecessary stress. By eliminating the need to accommodate guests, couples can focus on their own desires and preferences for their special day. Without the pressure of pleasing a large audience, they have more freedom to make decisions based solely on what they truly want.

In an era where grand weddings have become the norm, choosing to tie the knot without guests can create a uniquely intimate experience that truly reflects your love story. An entirely personalized, that still can be as luxurious you like.

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