A traditional Scottish wedding in Santorini

Tying the Knot, Playing-the-music and Having a Dram.

Our beautiful couple Tom and Eilidh decided to leave their picturesque Scotland for another jaw dropping view destination, Santorini island.

Since they both are adventure travelers they wish for a two day celebration all over Santorini. We have decided to carefully mix tradition with all the things Santorini has to offer.

In a traditional Scottish wedding there’s a lot more to it than just wearing a kilt! There are plenty Scottish good luck rituals and romantic customs you can incorporate into ceremony, reception dinner, bachelor or bachelorette party.

To that end, we have organized a girls only beach party on a popular beach bar in Santorini, on the day before, and a catamaran cruise for the groom’s friends.

The groom with his friends sailed away to Red beach, White Beach and Hot springs while enjoying a pub-like party on board, while the girls had fun at a beach with cocktails, massages and music.

On wedding day,our venue Venetsanos was decorated with creamed tablecloths, beautiful vintage wood chairs and white king roses. Eilidh’s wedding dress was decorated with a silver belt which reminded white heather(a popular good luck token)widely used in Scotland.

The overall theme of this vintage Scottish wedding reception had a beautiful twist of sitting guests on places they have visited or their homeland.

The night was filled with a lot of whiskey, fairy lights, Scottish live music, dancing, and having fun on a majestic, mesmerizing night.

Our couple says for us:

I couldn’t reccomend Flora more, she was more than a wedding planner to me, she is my friend! Flora strives on providing a personal service, and she did very well at doing so. She instantly understood my style and what I liked and did a fantastic job of pulling everything together on our wedding day to make it just perfect, down to every little detail. The most important thing was Flora always made me feel calm and relaxed, even when there was the odd bump in the road, she solved any issue quickly and professionally. I’ve made a friend in Santorini for life, and I can’t thank Flora enough for everything she did for us leading up to our very special wedding day!

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