MultiCultural Love

We were excited for this one!

This multinational wedding was a union to not only our couple, but also several nations. Here’s the parts of the world involved: Greece, Lebanon, France, Guadeloupe! Cultures from all over the world were celebrating together in Santorini, Imerovigli, in Le Ciel.

We couldn’t help but bring out all their traditions and highlight the differences that unite us and brought together the beloved couple!

Our couple in love, Melina and Johan, sealed their bond on the top level of the Caldera, feeling like they’re on top of the world! Nothing could compare to the feeling evoked when marrying your other half over this views’ majestic beauty.

We planned the wedding theme -with dominant colors being turquoise and purple- representing the world map, similarly to the table plan:

Every table represented the nationality of the guests, honoring each heritage.

The ceremony was filled with joy, dancing, love and a great message!

As any successful marriage, the same goes for every single one of us, we ought to celebrate our differences and learn from one another, meet new cultures, accept and spread love!

We love that we were a part of this union on our island, Santorini, as much as we loved this couple and the ceremony!

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