Dreamy nano ceremony with spectacular views of Santorini island

Planning and designing an event especially a ceremony in Pandemic can be stressful for most people but surely not for our couple.

Mark and our beautiful bride Mayeth met on a night shift at Brearley ward at the Northern General hospital. They are both nurses. We were immediately amazed on how committed they were to their profession especially in these times. We were confident we would make their ceremony and private dinner a date to remember, not only because they trusted our team to plan this but also because we wished to thank them, for deciding to excel on a profession so important to the humanity. Being a nurse is like having this extra superpower. They both had it they are both in love.

Ceremony took place on luxurious venue with breath-taking views of Caldera, called  La Maltese. We adored the softness and calmness of the venue that matched the surroundings. Mayeth’s choice of venue proved to be excellent. The staff were impeccable on every aspect as even though private dinner was made to be outside, we have decided to move it inside due to the wind.

The couple enjoy travelling and sports. They both love exploring natural beauties and site of England so hiking in Santorini was not a problem for those two.

Mark and Mayeth love adventures, surprises, challenges, family and friends …all these they mention…’’’are things that makes our lives more interesting and worth living for’’’’’.

These two nurses have the most important star quality…they exhibit a caring quality…. they are devoted nurses, devoted human beings.

Hey we have just married two heroes !! How lucky is our Unique and Forever team?

We are extremely proud to have met them and wish them a marriage full of love, respect and devotion.

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