Consulting: We are here to help you organise your special event exactly the way you have always dreamed of. There will be no need for you to stress over every little detail: that is why we are here, to discuss all your concerns and achieve the best possible result.

Photos and videos: Our experienced colleagues know Santorini so well that they can pinpoint the exact spots for taking flawless shots with a fairytale atmosphere. Armed with professionalism and dedication, they will execute each and every one of your desires with exquisite taste to create a perfect wedding photo album.

Taking care of the bride: the star of the wedding will shine with an entire team at her disposal. We stand by and help the bride throughout the process from choosing her wedding dress to helping her relax the day after the wedding. Additionally, we can recommend the appropriate hairstyle and make-up based on the conditions of the island so that nothing could ruin this special day.

Taking care of your guests: With an entire team of assistants at her disposal, the star of the wedding will shine. We are on constant standby to support the bride throughout the process, from giving her invaluable advice on choosing her wedding dress to helping her relax the day after the wedding. Additionally, we can recommend the most appropriate and flattering hairstyle and make-up, based on the conditions on the island so that nothing can possibly happen to spoil this special day.

Decoration: whatever your chosen theme may be, from something very simple to something really impressive, we will make sure that the venue is attractively decorated in precise accordance with your specifications, making your occasion all the more meaningful.

Flowers: Freshly cut flowers convey feelings of love and vitality; they transform the general atmosphere of the venue. Sit with us and decide which are the most suitable for your occasion.

Book the Celebrant or Priest: We can arrange for the appropriate person to be in charge of ceremonial matters.

Accommodation: We can book rooms for you and your guests in a variety of locations, in hotels that will suit every need and preference. There are plenty to choose from: beach-view, Caldera-view, luxury hotels or even private villas.

Pre-wedding party: either before or after the main event, we can throw a party for you to thank your guests for travelling so far to be with you on your special day and even spend a little more time with them. Just leave it to us. All you will need to do is smile!

  • Sound and light services
  • Dancing floor setup
  • Equipment rental (tablecloths, bars, buffets etc.)
  • Theme-oriented decoration
  • Live band and DJs (classic, rock or folk music)
  • Restaurant catering
  • Bar catering
  • Welcome listt
  • Barmen / barwomen and cocktail specialists

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